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Raise funds for your Diocesan Catholic Schools Scholarship program by spreading the message of Champion of Faith: Baseball Edition

$5 of each Champions of Faith DVD will be contributed to your diocesan Catholic Schools Scholarship fund.

With 25% of each $20 DVD contributing to a Scholarship fund for students in your diocese, selling 1000DVD’s the Scholarship fund will raise $5000!

How to generate more funds:

Hold a Fundraiser Event at your parish!

Each parish or school who holds an event not only contributes 25% to the Scholarship program, but an ADDITIONAL 25% to their parish or school program.

In a small 500 family parish selling just 5 DVD’s each, your parish will contribute $12,500 to the Scholarship Program and $12,500 to your local parish program!

The sky is the limit!

What to do:


Contact your Bishop, diocesan Superintendent of Schools or Director of Religious Education, pastor, and parish Director of Religious Education.  Tell them about this website and the program.

Diocesan Faculty:

Call us @ 1-877-263-1263



Already a Scholarship Diocese?


  • Purchase the Champions of Faith: Baseball Edition DVD through the website and select your diocese during checkout. Click HERE

Diocesan Faculty:


Diocesan Catholic School:


Interested in raising Funds for your parish, and not interested in the Scholarship program?

Click HERE


The Champions of Faith series helps Catholic Schools. Dioceses share in 50% of the profits from Champions of Faith film sales. Is your diocese on board?

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