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Here are just a few of the reactions to Champions of Faith: Baseball Edition

"My congratulations to all involved in this creative evangelization tool!
I believe this will be a powerful tool for the youth to grow in their appreciation
of the faith as well as the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.
I was very impressed with the testimony of Jack McKeon and the other athletes."

Fr. Kevin Lixey, LC Vatican Sports Office

"It is with great pleasure that I send you my heartiest congratulations on your movie
CHAMPIONS OF FAITH. You've done a superb job; it was a great cinematic triumph and a
splendid performance. I was so impressed in the way the movie intersects faith and sports.
This movie is going to be a useful evangelization tool for many years to come especially for young people.
The movie was saturated with the splendor of truth and uncompromisingly Catholic and the
quality of this film was second to none. The Catholic baseball players profiled here are 
athletes of sport and athletes of faith and they give glory to God for their accomplishments
on and off the field. These baseball players are living out their baptismal and confirmation
promises by: assuming "the role of disciple and witness to Christ, both within the ecclesial
community and in temporal affairs" (C.C.C. 1319). This movie truly exceeded all my expectations;
I just sat their in awe and praising God. I am sure the Lord is looking down upon you in light
of this film and saying "well done, well done." My hat's off to you and my prayers go with you.
This movie is a must see for every Catholic male. It will make you proud 2 B Catholic."

Jesse Romero, Retired Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff - Former USA Middleweight Kickboxing Champion

“Champions of Faith is a splendid documentary. It is deeply moving to see these baseball players,
including future Hall of Famers, All-Stars, players and managers, demonstrate how their
professional success has been accompanied by a deep love of their Catholic faith,
a faith that they strive to live out everyday. This film is a powerful instrument of evangelization,
and it is my hope that it will reach many people with its inspiring message.”

Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop of New York

"This film is a unique intersection of Catholicism and culture that highlights the importance
of discussions of faith in the public arena. I was very impressed that these men who are
so successful in the world of sports not only attribute their achievements to their faith but
also make clear that without faith in God their success would be hollow. This entertaining
and moving film
breaks new ground in giving cultural icons an opportunity to be part of a
high quality film
and at the same time to speak lovingly of Jesus Christ and how their
spiritual lives have enriched their professional careers. This is a prime example of what
the Church needs to be doing to reach people where they are. It is a beautiful
expression of evangelization through media."

Justin Cardinal Rigali, Archbishop of Philadelphia

Champions of Faith succeeds in uplifting young people with the stories of
authentic and admirable baseball heroes
who are totally open in revealing
the role religious faith plays in their lives as Christians. This engaging production
ought to be shared and discussed with youths in schools, religious education
classes and team meetings. To me, it's a nine-inning faith classic!

Bishop Ignatius Catanello, Auxiliary Bishop – Diocese of Brooklyn

I thought CHAMPIONS OF FAITH was terrific. The witness to Christ of these baseball
stars and their unapologetic love of the Catholic Church was truly inspiring.
I hope many of our youth will get to see this wonderful film. I am happy to offer my endorsement.

Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix

"Champions of Faith is an exciting and inspiring production.  
These are real men talking about real faith – a wonderful example for all of us. 
This is a great way to spread the word of God and show the impact of Christ in our world."

Fr. Scott Reilly, LC, Territorial Director for Atlanta

"The superb quality of the Champions of Faith film will significantly benefit the
Christian media movement in general. It is very powerful when such iconic figures
like Mike Sweeney, Mike Piazza and Jeff Suppan step out and speak publicly about their faith.
Hopefully this film will bring even more momentum to the growing trend of bringing
uplifting and encouraging messages about faith to our culture."

Chuck Colson Founder of Prison Fellowship and BreakPoint

Champions of Faith is a valuable tool for communicating the Catholic faith in an engaging way,
through moving personal accounts of players and managers in Major League Baseball. A real home run!

Father Deo Rosales, Father Rosales is a priest of Opus Dei and a chaplain at Schuyler Hall Residence in New York

"Repeatedly, the Vatican has called for the aggressive use of the media to
promote the Faith. Unfortunately, in the midst of so many noble media efforts,
there has been a huge gap in materials that really communicate to men.
It appears that the tide may be turning. The new DVD, Champions of Faith,
is just the kind of media tool that will reach men – even those men who
seem uninterested in the Faith. Athletes who have trained and disciplined their
bodies and developed their athletic talent to reach the majors automatically earn
the respect of other men. When such athletes exhibit virtue and encourage faithfulness
to Christ and His Church, other men sit up and listen. This DVD is a perfect gift for
any man, a great resource for youth groups, and an ideal tool for fathers
and sons to watch together. Highly recommended!"

Steve Wood Founder, St. Joseph 's Covenant Keepers Author,
Christian Fatherhood Host of The Carpenter Shop and Faith & Family

There has never been anything quite like Champions of Faith. It is as inspiring
as it is professionally crafted. Guaranteed to touch to all Catholics, the film
demonstrates the role that Catholicism plays in the life of some of today's
greatest baseball players and managers. As such it acts as a perfect soundboard
for discussions
at home and in the classroom. I highly recommend it!

William A. Donohue, Ph.D., President, Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Champions of Faith is filled with power packed testimonies from some
faithful men of God – who just happen to be famous athletes. Mike Sweeney
of the Kansas City Royals is one of the men featured in the film, and is the Life Teen
National Spokesperson. After watching the video you wonder if these guys are real –
from what I know of Mike Sweeney – this story is true and inspiring. A must have for families,
sports teams and anyone who works with young people. A great film for your family!

Randy Raus, President / CEO Life Teen

“The story just unfolded so velvety and every piece was great and very inspiring .
There's many times I was in tears just from the emotion of it - from everybody's story.
I've had some great moments in my life but being part of this and being able
to tell people about my story is one of my proudest moments.

Mike Piazza, Designated Hitter for the Oakland A's, 12-time All-Star

“It was very exciting and very inspirational to see the other players share their faith.
I think it's going to be a great tool of evangelization . I think that if you have
influence in the Catholic world, I think you should tell people to buy this
film because I think it's going to spread the Word of God. I give it two thumbs up
and it's very, very inspirational.”            

Jeff Suppan, Pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, MVP for 2006 NCLS

“To me it felt like Christmas, New Year's Eve, my birthday and Easter morning all wrapped into one,
seeing this film Champions of Faith. I've never been more proud of anything in my life.
More proud than anything that I've done on the baseball field. This is something that
I can hang my hat on
. This is something that I can show to my kids and grandkids someday.
It truly is a treasure . I'm so blessed to be a part of it. I think that every person
in America needs to watch this film.”

Mike Sweeney, Captain of the Kansas City Royals, 5-time All Star

The Champions of Faith series helps Catholic Schools. Dioceses share in 50% of the profits from Champions of Faith film sales. Is your diocese on board?

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